About Us


We are a newly formed club established in 2023, built to meet the needs of a growing community, who in our opinion, are all too often overlooked or just another number in the system. Other clubs in the area have their own agendas and while it may work for them, past experience has driven our prospective and  given us a fresh new innovative outlook on how a club should be run and how it integrates into the local community seamlessly. Not only being a place for our players and their families to be welcomed and made to feel part of the Foley Family but a place that gives back to the local community and teaches our members that its OK to help others, to be a well rounded individual and ultimately to benefit the community that they will grow up to be the future leaders of.

Here at Foley Football we strive to provide a safe, friendly environment for players of all abilities, to learn, develop and enjoy playing football as a community sport, with community values. Equality is key to our success! We believe that everybody is equal and therefore deserving of the same opportunities. Through a love of the game and our innovative football philosophy we hope to inspire our members to reach their own personal goals. We believe in developing a first class football club that provides the tools for everyone to succeed in not only 'the beautiful game' but also in life.