Mission Statement

Here at Foley Football we strive to provide a safe, friendly environment for players of all abilities, to learn, develop and enjoy playing football as a community sport, with community values. Equality is key to our success! We believe that everybody is equal and therefore deserving of the same opportunities. Through a love of the game and our innovative football philosophy we hope to inspire our children to reach their own personal goals. We believe in developing a first class football club that provides the tools for everyone to succeed in not only 'the beautiful game' but also in life. We're proud to be:


" Building tomorrows Champions in today's Community"


For our players to enjoy and take part in football, we will ensure that they are encouraged to:

  • Take an active part in the sport
  • Form relationships and work together, We are stronger together than on our own.
  • Develop their skills and improve over time without expectation and at their own pace. They will all achieve success in their own right.
  • Be able to take part whatever their ability. Some people are quick learners, others take time. We will be a better and more rounded group when it all comes together in the end.
  • Develop personal skills in key areas: technical, psychological, physical and social.
  • Appreciate and demonstrate a good sporting attitude. Win lose or draw, Foley Football celebrate everybody's effort and achievements.
  • Understand the ever changing laws of the game as best as they can.
  • Be listened to and valued, above all else, there is a person inside that deserves this.
  • Be positive about themselves and others. No room for negativity here at Foley Football.

For players to feel safe whilst learning and playing we will ensure that:

  • The Respect Code is understood and upheld by all who are involved in our club – parents, spectators, players, coaches and officials.
  • Laws relating to child protection are maintained and the Club’s child protection policy is understood and followed by all.
  • The team are supported by coaches qualified to at least FA Level 1 standards.
  • All coaches are CRB checked due to working with children.
  • Equipment and facilities and the maintenance of both are of the highest standard available to Foley Football.
  • No child will be excluded from participating in football on the grounds of gender, culture, language, racial origin, religious beliefs or sexual orientation.
  • Clubs bullying policy is understood and adhered to by all.

For players to learn and develop we will ensure that:

  • Coaches place player and personal development above a ‘win at all costs’ culture.
  • Coaches are qualified and encouraged in continuing professional development.
  • Coaches are positive, friendly and supportive to all players
  • Coaches’ decisions are respected and understood by parents and players. Not every player can start and play every game but all are important to the team.
  • Players understand what stage they are at and how to progress with use of the clubs skills markers.
  • Players, parents and coaches are encouraged to get involved with the club via refereeing and coaching qualifications, running the line, joining the Committee or taking on key roles and responsibilities.
  • The achievements and progress of all players are celebrated at the end of the season but recognised and rewarded throughout.
  • Every player matters to the team and to Foley Football.

For Foley Football to promote community sport with community values, we will ensure that:

  • Parents are valued, welcomed and encouraged to play a key role in supporting and bringing our ethos to life.
  • The Club communicates its ethos clearly and consistently in all it does and through each of its members.
  • The Respect Code is at the very heart of all we do and adhered to by – players, spectators, coach's, parents and officials alike.
  • The Club’s interests and achievements are well publicised, recognised and celebrated in order to help develop all we do.
  • The Club encourages and develops partnerships with key community groups such as schools, the local councils and other sporting clubs to work together to promote inclusion, personal development and friendship in the service of youth sport.
  • We welcome and respond to feedback and input from all those associated with the Club to make us fully accountable to our members.