Playing and Player Philosophy; The Foley Football Way


Our philosophy for ideal long term youth player development is to play attacking fast play football.

Attacking meaning we like to penetrate quickly when we see the right opportunity to do so. We are aware that goals can be scored at both ends by doing so but it encourages observation and reaction skills too.

Fast play football meaning to use speed of play to our advantage, quickly moving the ball in attack but likewise quickly pressing opposition into making mistakes while we are defending.


This style of play is hard work and takes time, patience and skill to develop. However, this style will set up our players at all levels to reach their goals in football while enjoying themselves on the way. While playing this style on the field we will continue to strive to create a program that houses a place for every player based on their personal goals and abilities.


Each player will be well rounded in regards to their physical, technical, psychological and physiological abilities on the field.  All players will be encouraged to play more than 1 position, as it helps them to understand the whole game better while being taught a balance of attack and defence. Off field, we will teach all of our players to be polite and respectful while being mentally tough and sensitive to others in their approach to life.


We promote a positive outlook at all times and negativity is encouraged to be left behind, We learn from our mistakes and learning is a positive action. All players are expected to be committed to doing the best that they can at school, college, university or just in life in order to continue playing for Foley Football, Education is through learning at school and through your chosen endeavours. We do not expect a team full of straight A students but we do expect maximum effort for their personal abilities. It's what we ask for in our team so there is no feasible reason it should not be transferred into life too. After all, A Foley Football player is a great student in football and ultimately heading in the right direction in life to becoming a highly valued citizen of the community that we live in and one that is willing and able to help others around them.