Signing on fees

Each player is to pay a signing on fee before the start of the season of £20, this covers costs incurred by the club when registering each player with the relevant league and county F.A and is payable each season.


Fees have been set at £300 per player for the upcoming season (£25 per month).


Player fees for the new season have been set at £300. This will be the first given price for registration fees at the Club in five years and is as a result of increased running costs faced by the Club.

As an Executive Committee we believe that these fees still represent real value for money for our members, These fees place us as one of the cheapest football clubs to register with in the Kidderminster and surrounding region. This will cover costs incurred for F.A affiliations, league fees, cup fees, referee fees, pitch hire, training facilities, equipment, kits and future club development. This fee is changeable at any time but prior notice will be given if this was the case. We will always try to keep fees as low as possible as football should be affordable and accessible to everyone.

Any extra revenue generated will cover the Club’s running costs for the forthcoming season while generating a small budget for the Club to invest in further improvement projects. These are valuable and important contributions which parents and carers make to the future development of the Club and we thank you for your support.

The Club have placed sibling discount of £25 for each sibling. As such the cost to register a second sibling is now £275 per child.

All player registrations will be processed before the start of the season and will include the option of paying registration fees in full, or in 12 monthly instalments of £25 to be paid on the 1st of each month.


Walking Football fees

Even though we affiliate with the WFA for insurance purposes, We are not a team and therefor do not need to pay registration fees.

Cost per session is £3.50 (to be paid each session)


Pay monthly for £12 (to be paid 1st of each month)